Swimming Stories of Gunna & Gioia

Story nr.1.    Story nr.2.

Hi everybody, let us introduce ourselves.

We are Fine Art Rudgieri Ganesh & Fine Art Rudgieri Gioiangeli,
Gunna & Gioia for the friends.

Every week we are going to the dog's swimming pool in Arendonk "Klaverhoeve".
It is a great fun, so we want to share with you our photos.

Story nr.2.

Today, was a great day again. We went to swim, together with our sis Gemima,
which came specially from Holland to join us!
First we met at the swimming pool and could play all together, that was a great fun!

Then, we all went inside, and had to go again to the shower, which was much less fun, then the playing!
But we are good puppies, so we listen to our parents! (Well, sometimes at least)

And now, we are all ready to go to swim!

Our swimming pool looks like this, it is big, isn't it??
And we are just small puppies, which have to cross it many times!
We are poor puppies, aren't we? (LOL)

So, we are swimming & this is our sis Gemima:

And this is us:

Each of us must swim 2 times over and back, and the length of the swimming pool is 9 metres.
It means, swimming 36 metres, and then having a rest and a chat.

And then, the swimming was over, so we had to go to the warm shower again, and while our mom Tamara was washing us, dad Peter was drying us.
This is much fun, as we can play with the towel and bite it!

And now, we must go back home, because the friend of Gemima, our aunt Emmy, was waiting for us already at the car.
She is the real lady, you know,and she is almost 12, so it would be really impolite to let her wait for a long time.
And this is the photo of her, and another one of her and our sis Gemima, when she was 2 months old baby.

We hope you enjoyed our stories, please come back for more!

With love, Gunna, Gioia & Gemima.

P.S. Oeps, we almost forgot to thank our Aunt Jose, and Uncle John, the parents of Gemima for taking these photos of us!

Story nr.1

When we come to the swimming pool, first, we must go to the shower, and then we sit next to the swimming pool, as the real swimmers, preparing for our swim training.

And then, we can start our swimming!

Each of us must swim 2 times, and then we rest a bit and we repeat it again.

The swimming pool is made in a very funny way, so our mommy & daddy can see how we are moving our paws in the water. This is fun isn't it?

And after the half an hour, the fun is over, and we must go under the warm shower again, to warm up our muscles!

We hope, that you enjoy our story,and we thank "our aunt" Nancy Rosseel for taking these photos of us,
With love, Gunna & Gioia


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