Russian vacation with mom Tamara

& puppy show of the kids of my brother Grando & me.

written by Ch.Fine Art Rudgieri Emperor (Perry).

Hi everybody, let us introduce ourselves.

I am Ch.Fine Art Rudgieri Emperor, Perry for the friends,
and I am a son of Ch.Amigoh & Ch.Xanthos Carissima,
and on the right photo is my litter brother Dual Ch.Fine Art Rudgieri Elgrando (Grando).

Ch.Fine Art Rudgieri EmperorDual Ch.Fine Art Rudgieri Elgrando
This winter, our mom Tamara & our Russian moms decided to organize a show-festival to see all our kids.
This was such a fun!
The show was organized outside on the forest on the snow, and 34 of our kids came to visit us.
We had baby classes and puppy classes, and even a Junior class!
All was done as at the real show, and our mom Tamara judged the puppies.
We had lots of pizes for our kids, and our mom was a tough judge, but the honest one!

First all the kids could play in the snow and have real fun!


Then, as the show started, I went to sit at the corner of the ring, together with my best pal Philipp, so we could see everything perfectly.
And by the way, if you do not know Philipp yet, on the right, you can see his photo. He is the son of Ch.Xanthos Tom Foolery & Ch.Xanthos Orinoco.

To be a referees of that show, we have invited our 5 friends, so you can see them here, taking their postitions to watch, that the judging is going to be honest.
Introducing from left to right:
Ch.Makuuni Enrico, Ch.Sansue Sporting Knight, Ch.Sansue Stradivari, Ch.Dewmist Silver Dust, Ch.Meyr Reddy.

They are owned and very much loved by Mrs.Nechaeva.

So, we started with the baby dogs, and this is our winner of baby dogs class, which was filled with 9 babies:
5.5 months old, Franz Anton Bekkenbauer.(he is my son)

Then, there was a baby bitch class, which was won by my daughter,
Fame to Angels, litter sister of the baby dog class winner.

and then, to the puppy dog class, which was very full with 12 puppies. This is our winner, Sketch's Jackpot, he is my son as well.

And this is the winner of the puppy bitch class, Fewtchy Presentation,
she is daughter of my brother Dual Ch.Fine Art Rudgieri Elgrando (Grando).

We didnt have any junior dogs, but we had a bitch junior class, which was won by my daughter,
Real Emperor's Reverie Ot Ksjushi

And then, there was a time for the BIG Prizes, so: Fewtchy Presentation, the winner of puppy bitch class went Best Bitch of the day,
under you can see 3 girls again (the winner is in the middle):

And the Best Dog of the Day became Sketch's Jackpot, the winner of the puppy dog class.
Here are 2 boys again (the winner is on the right):

And now it got really important, who is going to be BOB puppy???
Well, I do not know if you guessed right, but Sketch's Jackpot took it all, so, he became BOB puppy as well.

So, both winners was asked to pose for the photo, and my mom Tamara showed her winner:

Of course afterwards we posed for many more photos:

My brother Grando posed with his winner-daughter:

And this is all, who stayed to the end of the festival:

And as a closure of our festival, the referees of the show, allowed our mom Tamara to have a drink on their backs, as their prize for her honest judging.

And so, the great day was over, and everybody was so very happy. A bit sad as well, that it all finished, but we will make another festival like this in the future.

Both me and my brother Grando, would like to thank all our kids
and their moms and dads for joining us on this beautiful day,
and also we would like to thank our photographer, Mrs.N.Svetlichnaja,
who made it possible to have such a beautiful photos.

Hope you enjoyed my stories,
With Love, Perry.


Fine Art Rudgieri's are very happy to be on Faunus Dog food.