Visit to Fine Art Rudgieri Gemima

Hi everybody,
Today, we went to visit Gemima & her friend Emmy in Holland.

We had a great day, and enjoyed to bits!
Hope you like our photos!

This is all 5 of us,from left to right: Me (Of course, you must have recognised me, I am Amigoh),
my daughter Terry, Gryff & Emmy, with whom I must say, I am totally in love! And in front of us Gemima.

Of course, my niece Gemima, wouldnt sit long enough for the photos, so, she runned off to play,
and we stayed as polite dogs, which were asked to sit and stay!

Then, Gemima was asked to pose with her dad Gryff, which she did, because Gryff knows how to educate his kids!

And then, I had a nice private chat with Emmy.....

She is a beauty, isn't she?

And then, Gemima had a play with Gryff & a cuddle with mom Tamara

And then, the day was finished, and we had to go back home.
But we have had a great fun, and hope to go on visit again!
Thank you Jose & John for having us with you!
And, hope you enjoyed my stories,

With Love, Amigoh.

Fine Art Rudgieri's are very happy to be on Faunus Dog food.